Eusafishes Appeal – A Very Special Message

Dear friends, we have a very important subject to discuss today. This is something we at Eusafishes feel deeply passionate about, which is why we’re proud to launch our new campaign – Hacks in Need.

This is Aaron. He never wanted much from life, just to represent over 7 million students on the back of 444 votes, to be president of the NUS (or Literally The Most Democratic Organisation In The World (TM)) and get a nice safe Labour seat somewhere cushy.

But lately, times have been tough for Aaron. Some people have been calling him nasty things like “spineless”, “ditherer” or “Tory”. The students he has so selflessly represented have turned their backs on him, for such petty reasons as the fact they didn’t vote for him, or that he told a few harmless tiny white lies. Now it looks like Aaron might not be president much longer, and may even have to go to Leicestershire just to get a Labour seat.

NUS hacks are some of the most unfairly discriminated against people in student politics, and for Aaron, it’s worse than we can even imagine. So pledge your support for Aaron in the comments, or send them to, and we’ll send them on to Aaron.



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2 Responses to Eusafishes Appeal – A Very Special Message

  1. Kate Harris says:

    Baaaaaaaaahaha. This is like the Save the Bankers appeal on 10 o’clock live.

    I would like to pledge my support for his resignation.

    Did you notice that he was interviewed in the Evening Standard and said ‘I won’t get dinner tonight, but I’ll buy it on the way home. I shouldn’t say McDonalds, that’ll piss off the Trots?’

    Right, so unfairly labelling people is fine when you’re NUS President then. But apparently accurately calling him a careerist and sell-out is unfair and personal. P.S. Aaron, I’m a feminist, not a Trot.

  2. eusafishes says:

    Kate, 10 O’Clock Live is naught but frivolous comedy. We at Eusafishes are nothing if not deadly serious.

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