Top Ten Chant Chart (And Some Photos)

Yesterday’s Reclaim Your Voice Demo was just full of exciting things, and as with any demonstration, one of these things was shouting loudly in public and not being told off for it. Here to tell us which chants are hot and which are not, here’s Eusafishes in-house DJ, Tony Blackburn, with the latest Top Ten Chant Chart.

Hi there chant chatterers! Glad to have you with us.

10 – Build a bonfire, build a bonfire

Down six places from last time, with the hot summer months just around the corner, who needs burning politicians to keep warm?

9 – Cameron get out, we know what you’re all about

Staying strong at nine, and still clinging on in the top 10. David Cameron, of course, frequently “out and about” on his bicycle. (Was that a joke? – Adam)

Unfortunately, the march was hijacked by anti-scissors protesters. For shame

8 – Nick Clegg, we know you…

Down one, this catchy little number continues to be unsuitable for a fake radio broadcast blog post.

7 – (NEW ENTRY) We will march, we will fight, education is a right

Today’s first new entry “marches” into the number seven position.

Lothian and Borders finest enjoying the tip-top-tunes from the kids

6 -Tor-ee-scum, Tor-ee-scum

Up two places and continuing to rise, this old timer is glad to see this Eighties classic making a comeback.

5 – You can stick your Royal Wedding…

Staying at five, there’s not much in the way of matrimonial bliss in this fantabulous foot tapper (He’s not even using words any more. Who invited him, seriously?).

Who is this man? Why is he covering his face? WHAT IS HE HIDING?

4 -When they say cut back, we say fight back

Down one place and still there in there at the top of the chart, it looks like “they” won’t be able to” cut” this one back.

3 -(NEW ENTRY) NUS, here’s the facts, we don’t want a graduate tax

Storming in to the chart at number three, obviously not too many people found this number too “taxing”. (This guy is a prick)

Oooh what a nice placard

2 – No ifs, no buts, no education cuts

Down one and toppled after a long time at the top, looks like this one’s been “cut” down to size.

1- (NEW ENTRY) Education should be free, not just for the bourgeoisie

So, new at number one is this smash hit from those crazy guys at Aberdeen University. Thanks for joining us today, and see you next time. (There will be no next time, Blackburn is banned from the Eusafishes undersea palace).
Thanks to Alasdair Thompson from for letting us use some of his photos.


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