Glorious Comrade Missing in Action!

REWARD: Warm Fuzzy feeling inside

Fellow Eusafishes blogger Adam “Hot Zod” Eagleson is yet to return from the dark sprawl of the capital wasteland. It is likely that he is now rotting away in a London police station reluctantly developing a cockney accent and hurling volleys of abuse at his politically indifferent cell mates.

If your ears hurt you may likely have already seen him. A brief description is as follows:

1. Curly hair

2. Shouting

3. All of the above

If you think you have seen Adam/ are Adam / or have him in your custody, please contact Eusafishes as soon as possible.

Together we can rescue our beloved correspondent from mild inconvenience, in solidarity,



About medeusa

glaring at Edinburgh student politics
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3 Responses to Glorious Comrade Missing in Action!

  1. Paisley! says:

    the sweeeet sound of procrastination! 😉

  2. Adam Eagleson says:

    Don’t worry guys, I am alive, unscathed and eating delicious Chinese food

  3. eusafishes says:

    I’ll have to verify this with my source i.e Adam but it appears as if our faithful collie of a correspondent has returned.

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