A Wild EUSA Blog Appears!

As you may or not be aware, dear readers, a new EUSA politics blog has arisen from the murky depths of WordPress – Eusa Soap Suds. It’s a wee bit sparse right now, but is on a mission to “break the bubble a bit and let ordinary students see the cogs inside.”

The amazing concept of a clockwork soap bubble aside (seriously, think about it(it will blow your mind)), the writer(s) seem very sensible, earnest and responsible i.e. everything we are not. But remember friends, while these upstarts may use so called ‘information’ and ‘facts’, we at Eusafishes have THE TRUTH. Although THE TRUTH is not strictly true in the narrow sense of the word, it is true in a way we all realise in our hearts, and in our minds (while drunk).

Its hard to tell how Soap Suds will turn out, so we shall wait pensively in the Eusafishes Aquapalace, reclining in leather chairs, chins perched inquisitively on arched fingers and glaring into the endless abyss of the future.

Basically, we've become anime villians

Good luck though Soap Suds, and all who sail in you. We should hang.



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glaring at Edinburgh student politics
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One Response to A Wild EUSA Blog Appears!

  1. Adam says:

    I have not been impressed by this new blog yet. Though I do believe, it is trying to find itself still. However; the very fact of the blogger(s)’ un-transparent anonymity suggests that the individual(s) intend to say less tame things which they would not want their good name(s) attached to over time. I would stretch that in itself as a clear indication of going against their blog’s spirit of ‘bursting the bubble’. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s reason to say something (or gossip) about someone or something that’s fine, but live up to what you say, be accountable- just like eusa members should – don’t hide behind a screen to do it.

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