Define Cruelty?

This week Eusafishes was shocked to see that the Christian far right did not agree with us on every issue entirely. In spite of our previous kindness to this breakaway subgroup of sanity we have become the target of the all American fear machine; “ChristWire”  (authors of such gems as “China Persecutes America by Stealing Kung Fu Panda” , “How to spot an Illegal Mexican”“The Nazi Boys of Brazil Return with superevil magnetic powers”,” and my own personal favourite “ARE YOU A DUTCH!?…YOU MIGHT BE THE DEVIL!”). Wishing to to clear up any misunderstanding with our right wing brethren, we have replied to their article as follows:

Higher education is a right to all those that have earned it and a privilege to undertake. Anyone capable of studying beyond their school years should be able to, based on ability alone. However you seem confused on this issue; suggesting that higher education as a right leads to universities throwing their doors open to all regardless of ability, school attendance or general interest. You claim that under a system such as this, education fails to be a ladder out of poverty. Surely education fails to be this ladder when the toll fee charged is more than the average family income…or a lung. This ladder only leads to a life of debt or an early grave.  The right to education is the right to a level playing field in the selection process regardless of class, colour or gender and a chance to achieve your potential regardless of your means and background. An organs for knowledge payment package would simply widen the equality gap and penalise those born outside the upper echelons of society.

Your confusion over the term payment seems unfounded. As far as I am aware there is no transatlantic confusion here. To give a kidney out of kindness is an altruistic act worthy of all merit. To sell one out of desperation is truly saddening . But to divide up our bodies out of lust for money truly mocks the “sanctity of life”  and undermines the “innate and immeasurable worth of all human beings” (Quoting Dr Callum MacKellar, Director of Research at the Scottish council on Bio-ethics). A kidney sold through the grim forces of necessity is more a lump of meat than a gift. If we are forced to view our inner workings as a financial asset, we butcher ourselves.

Surely before we resort to extorting the poor, methods such as an opt in system should be adopted to shorten our tragically long waiting list and I can offer one clear cut solution to student debt. A free, fair and funded education for all. Education in the underprivelaged is an investment, not a burden. The government pays our tuition, we pay it back in increased tax revenue, organs intact. Win-win.

You label me cruel for abhorring a system of exploition; where the poor are sliced open to extend the lives of the wealthy, that devalues us at the basest level and endangers the lives of those who would seek to better theirs. Call me what you will, but won’t get my compliance, my consent or my kidneys.

As a passing note hair is not an organ…its hair.



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2 Responses to Define Cruelty?

  1. Crasp says:

    Christwire is a joke. Don’t worry – the Huffington Post and Sydney Morning Herald have been taken in before you. But honestly, nineteen year old students being taken in by dumb trolls, you shame our generation!

  2. eusafishes says:

    Yes, we did realise that, alas too late

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