Tuition Fees For Rest of UK Students Set at £9000

This afternoon, the University of Edinburgh Court set tuition fees for English, Welsh and Northern Irish students at £9000 a year, the highest possible. This is despite a concerted campaign from it’s own students and EUSA against maximum fees.

Earlier in the day, they were encouraging school leavers to come to the university at an open day. Whether having to leave university with up to £36,000 of debt for an average four year course is the kind of thing that entices young people towards uni, especially during a long running economic clusterfuck, remains to be seen.

We’re guessing no, by the way.

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5 Responses to Tuition Fees For Rest of UK Students Set at £9000

  1. Rich says:

    Set it any lower and Edinburgh would become even more filled with rich English kids. I would personally prefer the English to pay the tory tuition fees that they voted for rather than squeeze Scots out of Scottish university places.

  2. eusafishes says:

    Of course, the only English kids that can come now are the rich ones

  3. Trad Bricks says:

    Scumbag political blog:

    Has EUSA in the title

    No posts from the start of the academic year until the end of byelection campaigning

  4. Kieran MacInnes ( Dyslexic co-editor of Eusafishes) says:

    My bad Brick, been a little busy looking after my baby son/working night shifts to provide for said son and other such far more important things. Unfortunately we don’t all have the time to troll articles posted months ago for sad sad lulz.
    Love Kieran MacInnes ( Non anonymous Title).

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