Here we, here we, here we flippering go

IT HAS BEGUN. Two weeks of insomnia, intrigue about fonts, conspiracies about secret slates and annoying the residents of Pollock Halls is here.

Its campaigning season motherfuckers.

And in what is probably a EUSA record, it has taken only an hour or so for a hilariously minor and petty issue to become “drama”. As it stands over at KB, posters are only allowed to be put up on small bits of wood dotted around campus. Posters on railings, lamp posts and the like, as has been allowed in the past, is explicitly not allowed. We haven’t seen central campus yet Thanks to Christian we’ve seen Bristo Sq is as saturated with bits of paper on cardboard as ever, but KB has about room for 20 posters to be put up, all them taken already (VPAA candidate Alex Munyard seems to be especially quick off the mark). Moray House and ECA have no room whatsoever.

So we reckon there’s space for about 20 posters at most across the smaller campuses. We also reckon there’s about a bajillion posters candidates have ready to put up. This could well change after the candidate’s meeting (although we hear one sabb candidate is going to resist any changes). But as things stand, we can only predict vicious turf wars based around sheets of plywood. This also doesn’t bode well for the traditional apathy towards elections by us science types.

EUSA elections, gotta love them.


UPDATE: Posters will now be allowed on things that aren’t bits of wood, after everyone ignored the rule saying they weren’t. WE LOVE ELECTIONS.

MORE UPDATE: According to esteemed VPAA Mike Williamson, its back to how it was – all posters on bits of wood. This is getting a bit confusing/very tedious.


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5 Responses to Here we, here we, here we flippering go

  1. eusafishes says:

    We have been lied to…

  2. eusafishes says:


  3. Christian says:

    I should mention, the photo is courtesy of Craig Stewart.

  4. eusafishes says:

    We see. You’re a mensch regardless.

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