NUS speeches – an amalgamation

Hello dear readers. As those of you who follow us on Twitter may be aware, we’re at NUS Conference right now, watching the proceedings with morbid fascination. Using bleeding edge technology, we have managed to compress everything said today into one, easy to read statement.

Delegates, we face an unprecedented challenge in building our movement. In order to make our retention deeper, we must think outside the box and take bold actions to change things. Activists are the heart of our organisation, and we must engage access in order to get our social capital on the ground. Furthermore, postgraduates, mature students and FE students must be participated with robust toolkits, to strengthen our communities. Together, with confidence and momentum, we can build a vision that widens aspirations and hopes for our grassroots so students can come first. I believe, that by being decisive and definitive in uniting, we can be the change.


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