Presidential Run Down Part 1 – International Women’s Day Special

5 people want to be your student president. The top dog. The big cheese. El presidente. The democratically elected chair of various committees. But who are these people? What do they want? Are they even people?

Yes, yes they are people. We’ll stick our necks out on this one

It’s been pretty universally acknowledged that having two women candidates for president is a Good Thing, especially considering there are many years where there are none. So in honour of this fact and it being International Women’s Day and all, we are leaving the Y chromosome behind for the first instalment of our look at the would be Presidents of EUSA.

Briana “Grip like a clothes” Peg-ado



Briana, possibly recreating a scene from Third Encounters of the Third Kind

Running on a platform of “Take Back EUSA”, Briana is one of the many candidates leaping ferociously on the recent Scandalgate controversy with the enthusiasm with which a child jumps on a bouncy castle (or indeed immature EUSA bloggers). With experience on International Students’ Committee, and a campaign high on swish, will Briana bring back the goods by promising to take EUSA back or will she be sent back to the back of the line to come back later?

Suggested victory song – A remix of the Jackson 5 classic “Want EUSA Back”

Sian “We had Robinson Crusoe pun then realised it wouldn’t work” Robertson


Interestingly, Sian is accompanied by a holograph of her name at all times

Interestingly, Sian is accompanied by a holograph of her name at all times

An accounting student and current Business School rep student who’s touting her mad accounting skillz. Sian has probably has the least focus on the “political” side of EUSA in her manifesto, instead relying on “realistic and achievable” goals and that perennial favourite pledge of the independent candidate, cheaper pints. She’ll be hoping that her back to basics approach will be what the electorate is looking for, but candidates with more campaigning experience might leave her cast away (I came up with all these Crusoe jokes and I’m going to use one damn it.)

Suggested victory theme – Inspired by her jog-a-long campaign video, Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden seems the obvious choice

Rest of the wannabe presidents will be covered tomorrow


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