Oh god, it’s time again. Time to pay less attention than one should to final dissertations. Time to get in heated arguments about how font choice is indication of secret slates designed to change EUSA into a North Korean front. Time to annoy the fuck out of people trying to get to the library by handing them flyers and “engaging” them in democracy.

It’s time for EUSA elections. Heaven or hell, let’s rock.

We’ll go through the candidates for each sabb position in a bit more detail in the days to come (stay tuna-ed), but to get the gossip wheels a turnin’, here’s a few things that we have uncovered using our patented Top Quality Journalism:

  • Kirsty Haigh, our current VP Services, is running for a historic second sabbatical term in her bid to become president. The issue of second terms for sabbs has been a constitutional twilight zone for a number of years, where even the hardiest and most resolute hacks dare to roam. A referendum question was submitted on the issue two years ago, seeking to explicitly ban two year terms. However, in the grand tradition of referendum questions, it failed to get enough votes to become quorate, therefore having no real effect. Veteran jaded hacks may even remember even a minor rumour about former VPS Sam Hansford running for a second term causing significant grumbling. More significant grumbling is daresay already underway.
  • Briana Pegado is continuing the long running trend of failed presidential candidates taking a second run at the gauntlet of electoral democracy. Last year she had an incredibly swish video, something we hope is repeated (the quality of propaganda being pretty much the only thing we care about any more in student politics).
  • Mike Yeomans is running for VPAA, as anyone who realised that http://www.myvpaa.com went through to his trustee election site probably predicted (it has since been re-directed).
  • Established hack and Equal Ops officer Tommer Spence is apparently running for two sabb positions at the same time. Reports that he has a team of clones are so far unconfirmed.
  • After last year when nearly half of our sabb candidates were women, it looks like we’ve gone back to a male dominated list this year. Probably to be expected, but still very sad indeed.
  • This is our last year at this august institution, and it will soon be time for us to step into the brave new world of graduate unemployment. We therefore declare this The Last Stand Of Eusafishes. We might even keep to schedule this year to commemorate this fact, who knows?

We’d like to say we’re looking forward to the facebook arguments, subtweeting and heated debates about things that will mainly be forgotten within the post-results night hangover, but we’re not sure we’d be telling the truth.

Especially the hangover bit, we’re getting old damn it.


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