This year’s sabb candidates (maybe)

Dear readers, as you are surely aware, we here at Eusafishes are incredibly lazy diligent in our search for truth and clarity. And in this never-ending quest, we might, might have just found out who is running for sabbatical positions this year.

Two things to note:

  1. This is in absolutely no way a definitive or certified list, and might be absolute cobblers.
  2. It’s pretty hard to make this funny, so here’s a hilarious wrestling gif to liven things up a bit
Kurt Angle could sell false teeth to starfish

Kurt Angle could sell false teeth to a starfish


  • Kirsty Haigh
  • Briana Pegado
  • Daniel Scott Lintott
  • Jacob Webber

VP Services & Activities

  • Tasha Boardman
  • Luke Campbell
  • Tommer Spence
  • Raul Ignacio Torrenegra

VP Societies & Activities

  • Margus Lind
  • Eve Livingstone
  • Tommer Spence

VP Academic Affairs

  • Asher Chase
  • Hannah Moessinger
  • Dash Sekhar
  • Will Thwaites
  • Mike Yeomans

We’ve also heard rumours about some bloke called Ron, who appears to be linked to every bloody position going. We feel confident in declaring this as a bunch of hooey.


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