Candidate Run Down: Fit The Third – VP Academic Affairs (Real Talk Edition)

I’ve always tried to be open about where I stand on things round these parts, and in that spirit I need to declare that I have been actively supporting Dash Sekhar in his campaign for VP Academic Affairs. After speaking to the other candidates for the position, I’ve decided not to do a piece for VPAA like I have the other sabb positions.

I’ve supported other people in elections before, but I’ve always tried to make it fairly obvious where I am politically (evil commie pinko, in case you’re wondering), in the belief that doing so is an important part of being fair to candidates as well as readers.

However, this year I’ve been more heavily involved in a campaign for a single person than I have done in the past. Therefore, I’ve decided to step back on this one.

Your candidates for VPAA are:

  • Asher Chase
  • Hannah Moe
  • Dash Sekhar
  • Will Thwaites
  • Mike Yeomans

You can find their manifestos here.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.




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