EXCLUSIVE: Tommer Spence Posters Removed By EUSA

Another twist in what might be the biggest clusterfuck of an election ever has unfurled itself across campus. We hear that Tommer Spence, who is running for both VPS and VPSA, has had his posters removed by EUSA staff. This is most likely due to election regulation 2.3.1, which relates to printed material:

“Candidates standing for more than one position must order separate publicity for each position, and such publicity must specify the particular position to which it relates.”

It is unclear whether this extends to online publicity, as Tommer’s Facebook page and website are both still available at the time of writing.

With only two days left of campaigning and voting, we really do hope Tommer is pally with a reliable printshop. And in an election where there’s been enough controversy, we’re sure this will help calm everyone down, look at life in perspective, and chill the fuck out.


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