The Fortnight Ahead

I’m such an excited little carved-stone, snake-haired bust.

Tomorrow nominations close for 2015’s EUSA elections, and so far it seems that there are a lot of contestants running – far more than expected.

Will this be an improvement for the diversity and inclusivity of sabbs and elected reps alike? I certainly hope so. This year’s sabb team has been the most diverse I can remember, with a majority of self-defining women and two people of colour. I have seen quite a bit of work that is impressive from these sabbs, which is refreshing after not seeing much of a change in the last few years.

It is heartening to see that more people are interested in getting involved with student politics, who don’t exclusively come from Harrow (ahem)/other private schools, and aren’t hacky white men. If student politics is spearheaded by members of minority and oppressed groups, unions will actually represent the views of students who don’t make up a privileged majority. “Real” students, you know? Not the “fake” ones.

I’m excited to hear about all the condiments we can put on chips outside club nights, about releasing exam dates earlier and how it will never ever work, how feedback is awful and underpaid tutors should just suck it up, how if we have a full-time women’s officer we should have a “Chinese officer” as well (but international officer can I get a hell yeah?), how this campus is so full on censorship and up itself for tackling Lad Culture that it’s basically North Korea (Kim Jong-un bloody hates those lads), and nominees refusing to apologise for their apologism and offensive slip-ups. I am excited to see the hack fights and dirty looks and “I promise I’m trying really hard not to negatively campaign but its just so hard” faces.

Tomorrow, when nominations are released for us all to gasp and shake our fists at, I will start my campaign proper. I am genuinely excited to see who’s running, which is pretty sad, but hey. Allow me my luxuries.

medeusa x


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