The Presidential Candidates.


I can vent.

Who’s running for the big boss dawg? Who will oversee the workings of the vice-president minions and keep them in line while not doing that much themselves?

This year’s race is less diverse than last year’s, with only one person who isn’t a white man running (so obviously I’m rooting for her.)

Jonny Ross-Tatum

The last time I had a chat with this guy, he was in first year and campaigning for Liam O’Hare. Last time I saw him he was supporting big corporate millionaire “friendly” old man and brand spanking new Rector, Steve Morrison. Now he’s pals with EUNAS and running around being vaguely political.

Safe to say, his politics seem a bit flaky to me, jumping ship from lefty big boy SJP dude, Liam, to career-driven student liberals.

I also saw him chuckling to himself and his friend in student council once. I was upset, it was very rude.

Theo Robertson-Bonds

Theo cares more about alcohol than most other things. You will find him in student council with a bottle of bubbly (does he drink the whole thing himself?) and whispering to his cohorts and laughing loudly when members of factions make snide and “clever” remarks about the other.

This guy is Labour Student Extraordinaire. If he wins, he will probably withdraw the last sabbs’ statement on Israel/Palestine and say that what we actually need is just peace and we should stop taking sides because when people get angry and take sides and fight fascism nothing happens and actually we just want peace not speaking out for people getting murdered. He will also put in place compulsory champagne drip-feeding for anyone who doesn’t go to Big Cheese.

I feel like Theo’s cocky and confident facade will drop. I am excited to see how this one plays out.

Michael Kutner

No, thank you. This dude thinks ultimate free speech is the best and the necessary computer software that students need to use needs to be on every fucking computer, goddammit.

I see him abstaining in student council a lot or voting against motions about liberation, so I’m not sure how much he really does love free speech, I think he might be bluffing.

I am excited to see this guy get questioned on his liberation policies at the hustings. I kind of want to see him squirming.

Faatima Osman

SJP member and giggly, undercut lady should win basically. Do we really want another Mcash/Hugh? Edinburgh Uni has a serious problem with diversity and representation, and Faatima obviously puts those at the forefront of her politics and thats what we need.

Faatima has recently been accused of being a racist by a white man, which is obviously ridiculous and you can read the thread here. They have made themselves look like white supremacists and Theo Scott at one point actually insinuates that it is OK to be racist in private, but not on public forums (eighth comment down). Instant “I don’t take your opinion seriously at all and you’re probably a bigot” klaxon.

I trust that she would do a good job. Just vote for her, come on.

Finally, there is Jacob Webber, who announced that he was dropping out of the race a few days ago. He said to me “fuck that though seriously that’s really dull I’m going to be he next freaking Einstein motherfuckers.’ I feel its a bit of a shame he’s dropped out because some of his videos last year were pure surreal gold.

I’ll be doing another close analysis of the next set of Sabb wannabes tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

(Also where’s the goss? I need some hot goss to write about. I order Sabb wannabes to create some goss and drama for me to feed off!)


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6 Responses to The Presidential Candidates.

  1. EUSA lark says:

    Good level of impartiality there. Top notch humour as well. Excuse me, I have EUSA lark to read

  2. medeusa says:

    *Not sure is sarcastic or not.*

  3. That moment when the (former? idk) chair of EUSNA is in the thread but isn’t calling out white boy’s racism.

  4. FeminazisMustDie says:

    So you’re voting for Faatima purely on race and gender? And somehow the people calling her out on her racism are ‘white supremacists’? You’re a moron.

  5. medeusa says:

    thanks for the feedback. and not just because of her race and gender, but because she has awesome politics. moron.

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