The Vice President Of Academic Affairs Candidates

Getting down to the nitty gritty of the academic side of university life, this position is usually the least popular out of the four sabbatical positions. This year, we have four candidates running which is exciting (hack hack hack). Can anyone follow on from Alex Munyard and Dash? (Yes they can because we need to vote one of them in but will they be better?)

Tom Kerr

Divinity school, red wine-drinking candidate Kerr has been creeping around the corridors of student politics for a while now, but has only recently shown his bespectacled face. He is incredibly passionate about the Rainy Hall cafe, and brings his chums along to student council to get really angry at the current sabbs and speak over them and make patronising comments.

I heard through the grape vine that Kerr is a big Tory, and also a pro-lifer. I wonder how he will represent students with those niche interests. Also another tasty little tidbit of info is that Theo Robertson-Bonds is apparently backing Kerr’s campaign. Nice to see NOLS sticking to their lefty sensibilities and being pally with the only Tory I’ve ever heard of running. I’m interested in seeing what will be on his manifesto, and how the two candidates will work together. A new NOLS-Tory slate?

I don’t think I have to divulge by opinions on this candidate. But if you’re pro-life and a Tory, you probably don’t like me either.

Tara Copeland

EUNAS member (North American Society, but on the map, Mexico isn’t there, so I think its just for rich Americans and Canadians) and cool feminist apparently. I have seen her about on Facebook and stuff but don’t know much about her!

But she’s a woman, and she’s new to this EUSA malarkey, so good luck to her!

Chris Edrev

Who is Chris? We shall find out, but from his cover photo he seems to play tennis. Sporty guy. (Its really weird as a hack not recognising all of the candidates, but that’s also a good thing I suppose…)

Oh also I found his manifesto online (master of social media right here), better sort it out Chris! Breaking regs already, he’s a rebel.

Calum Mackie

Another candidate I’ve never seen or heard of before. From scanning his Facebook, it was his birthday today (happy birthday, Calum) and he seems to partake in lots of activities, such as Innovative Learning Week, Hive, Big Cheese, drinking alcohol, Retrospect journal, other things.

Um, welcome to the race? Excited to see what his policies will be.

Imogen Wilson

Indie gal music student Imogen joined the race and surprised me. I have not known her to be that into student politics in the past, but it is good to see her getting involved! She lives with fellow hacks Jacob Webber and Harriet P-D, so I assume her politics will be the most explicitly lefty VPAA candidate this election.

She is president of the uni’s Chamber Orchestra, which shows that she is like good at music and stuff, and maybe that means she will be good at student politics too. All I know is she’s very friendly and nice and I like friendly and nice people. I am ready to see some kick ass lefty policies coming out of her!

It is difficult to make funnies about people you have no idea who they are. This is going to be difficult. There’s so many VPSA candidates I don’t know! As long as the elected VPAA carries on Dash’s work on the gender studies ¬†department, I’m A-OK. (Well A-OK for four out of the five candidates. Yes I know I’m very subtle)

Stay tuned.


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