So, my good friend EUSA lark seems to have created a rivalry between us.

I thought we wanted to get over this same old faction in-fighting? Do you not think I am funny? My mum says I am. I didn’t think I was even making that many EUSA-related jokes or puns then you made a kinda crap meme about it and now I’m sad. What have I done?

I’m not sad or old, like, well, sometimes I am a bit sad but  I’d say comparatively I’m pretty young and cool and down with the student politics.

Also I’m not even trying to be impartial. I’m definitely a big hacky lefty. Like isn’t that clear? Why don’t you like me? This is breaking my heart.

Also at the end of their article they said that people who read this blog are going to “sleep with the fishes”. Surely that’s a death threat, dear, loyal readers? Surely that’s against election regulations, that?

I feel I can sense some anxieties about who’s better, and maybe they know how wise and seasoned I am, so they’re trying to bully me out of the game.

Anyway, seeing as they’ve started some kind of competition, you can also email me with gossip or just say hi or give me some emotional support. I feel like I’m a grandpa but I know I’m not. These people are mean. They liked Steve Morisson’s granny chic but not mine. I just don’t know any more. Just email me, please? eusafishes@gmail.com…

(jk still gonna write sorry)

((also who’s got more twitter followers mate lol))


About medeusa

glaring at Edinburgh student politics
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