Hey what’s up. I am old and boring so I’m going to have a lil look at the candidates for the Vice Pres of Services now. Sorry if I’m being really boring but I am having fun, OK?! To spice things up a bit I will look into the future and predict what superpowers these people will get when they run their term.

This position is all about the environment and pints and Teviot and stuff. This year it was Tasha and the year before that it was Kirsty and before that it was infamous Dutch man Max Crema. Yep.

Fraser Graham

The man, the legend, the actual big boy. Fraser is well known for being the tallest man in Edinburgh. Representing post-grad students, he will surely draw in many of their votes. He’s also really good at asking question in student council so I predict he will ask lots of questions elsewhere too. Fraser ran for VPS in 2013, so he will be equipped with priceless election knowledge bites and may use them to his advantage.

He is also an Architecture student so as well as knowing a lot about buildings and bricks, we will hopefully know how to get ECA students on board and wanting to vote. He’s also on the committee for BLOGs representing us Bi/Pan peoples so respect for that.

I think Fraser will probably like get the power of invisibility or something. He’s pretty lucky, that’s a favourite power among many people I’ve been speaking too.

Elena Perez Fernandez

I don’t know who this person is. She is on Facebook, and I think she did Critical Mass once but I can’t be sure.

Oh wait a second, I signed her nomination form! That was a silly thing to forget. She seemed very nice and my friend said she was so she must be. good luck, Elena. I wanna see what u got on ur that there manifesto.

I think if she had a superpower it would be like making bikes to fly when she rides them because that’s the only thing I know about her (that she rides a bike).

Daniel Mullen

From the brief and mostly fruitless Facebook peek I did for him he seems to like things that are sustainable environmentally. My friend said he also is a nice guy. OK! He also seems to be pretty involved with lots of sporty things so maybe he will play on that and get lots of sporty kids down for voting.

Other things from his FB: surfing, Edinburgh Uni Memes, sports, rugby, Chelsea FC, TED talks and Just Manly Things. Alright!

If Daniel had a super power (and who’s to say he doesn’t already?) it would be kicking a ball so hard it goes all around the world and hits his enemy standing next to him on the head.

Urte Macikenaite

Urte seems like she will have a big support group behind her campaign. Firmly in the radical but not too radical left, she may have a big number of votes? I don’t know. Team McColl though, this is kinda refreshing. Also a part of trumped up yet not that awesome student anti-cuts group NCAFC, she will surely be met with some opposition (like probably pretty staunch opposition). Also friends with some BNOCs, some of whom are often met with snarls and FemSoc related controversies surrounding abusive behaviour…

She joined Edinburgh in second year, fleeing from St Andrews to the dark underworld of factional student politics. Now she is very much stuck in there, also doing a radio show for Politics and International Relations Soc.

If Urte had a superpower, it would be shape-shifting. She has had her fingers stuck in many pies.

Sorry for boring you. I’m looking forward to seeing what policies these guys will be going with. I’m also excited about trying to hide my obvious bubbling frustration and bitterness and muttering under my breath.



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  1. EUSA lark says:

    Top kek Ellie. 11/10 would read again.
    btw Fraser didn’t run last year. Your sources have been compromised. #lark

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