Skipping the VPSA and jumping onto the manifesto boat.

I do what I want. (soz theres just loads and I don’t know most of them) ((Sorry, Eve, you’re great))

What I’m going to do is rip the crap out of these dang videos and policies, because seriously, some of them just aren’t that good at all.

Firstly, Jonny who is running for Prez.

PROS: His campaign is revolving around improving the well-being of students. Mental health and stuff and having Wednesday afternoons free. He also suggests an online accommodation hub for students; will he support a tenants union, a similar idea already in the works?

CONS: He is also pushing for the earlier release of exam timetables, which has been dragged through the mud many a time in student council. The strongest arguments show that this is not possible as staff need ample time to fit in dates for students with learning adjustments. If they didn’t have this amount of time, it would be very difficult to accommodate those students. I’m yet to hear a persuasive argument otherwise. If Jonny wants his campaign to cater for every student’s well-being, he’s not doing a great job in that respect, unless he wants to tell me how this would be possible. I feel we need to prioritize the already existing structures in place that help disabled, mentally and physically, students. Also, he wants monthly “brainstorms” with all students in all schools pitching in with their ideas on how to improve well-being. Isn’t that school councils and outreach trips? Also, what does that even mean?

Next, Theo!

PROS: focusing on mental health as well. And the rights and facilities for LGBTQIA students. Thumbs up for that. I also really like the idea of a campus “Safe Zone”, but I don’t know how that would be possible? I really hope he pulls it off if he gets elected, or other candidates could pick up on this idea. The funniest bit was Gabriel.

CONS: Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. Godammit does Theo just want to strawpedo that damn WKD. Big Cheese queue jump… really? Theo says that he will provide automatic queue jump for those going to Big Cheese if they pre-drink at Teviot beforehand. This sounds pretty ridiculous. Firstly, how would you know where they’ve been pre-drinking? Secondly, you are encouraging students to drink in a more expensive setting, with no real incentive or discount to do so. Thirdly, I don’t know how responsible it is to encourage people to pre-drink somewhere by enticing them with opportunities if they do so. We all know you like a drink, Theo, but Prosecco on tap??

Now, Faatima.

PROS: Everything.

CONS: Nothing. #NotBiased #ThatWasALie

Now… Michael.

PROS: More study space.

CONS: Doesn’t like political engagement and wants it to piss right off. He gets lost in Teviot quite a bit. Statistics.

(I’ll run through the other positions relatively quickly because there’s just so damn many! Also gonna have some fun with WordPress things.)

⇒ VPAA ⇐

CHRIS EDREV‘S VIDEO IS PRETTY FUNNY BECAUSE SOMEONE LITERALLY GIVES HIM A COOKIE. I ALSO LIKE HIS IDEA OF A VARIETY OF FEEDBACK. BUT I PREFER IMO AS SHES NICE AND HAS GREAT IDEAZ. Such as, supporting the gender studies department and paying tutors fairly to improve feedback – that is the real problemo here after all, folks! Also I nearly cried laughing at that end zoom bit oh my god.

Calum, hey. Sorry for the delay. He’s got some very good points in his manifesto. I am so so glad to see that he’s focussing on widening access. Coming from a comprehensive school in London, this is so needed. The university does not put enough effort into taking in students from under-privileged areas and state schools, and I’d be chuffed if Calum rectified this if he got elected. You go, Calum!

Tom Kerr

PROS: mental health and implementing a variety of methods of assessment which students can pick and mix around to suit them.

CONS: He’s a Tory pro-lifer.

∴ VPS ∴

Fraser‘s video is 12 minutes along. But cat cafe and gender neutral toilets everywhere. Good.

Urte: free tampons, condoms and lube and free education and divestment = good, I just don’t like NCAFC much.

Daniel: I like the idea of more cash machines and water machines around campus, but personal safety alarms aren’t so good. You should work on tackling the culture that means people feel the need for personal safety alarms. Also, not really any evidence at all to say these work or visibly reduce violent or sexual attacks.

♥ VPSA ♥

So many oh my god!

Shuwanna‘s video is so strange but I like it: can’t resist that Uptown Funk! All of her policies are pretty spot on, especially the night shuttle bus and improved funding for liberation groups.

Most of Hannah‘s policies are very good too, such as making Teviot actually accessible and not forcing wheelchair users to use the ugly back entrance. I also really like the idea of low-cost casual membership to the gym; I *ahem* don’t have time *ahem* to go and make full use of the current price of gym membership bur still want the opportunity to use it every now and then.

Iqbal is really good at beatboxing and can moonwalk and he supports making the university a guarantor for visiting students.

Kashish supports gender equality and would fight to improve it on campus, but also supports HeForShe which I think is a “load of guff”.

Conor: yeah alright, I like the bit about putting in provisions to increase students of marginalized groups in post-grad degrees and fixing the counselling service.

Andy‘s got a lot of good stuff in his manifesto, but I really hope if he gets elected that he will consult women first on what they want regarding safety on the Meadows. I for one would not be so happy with cops walking around everywhere.

Phew, ok. That’s it. I’m exhausted.



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