Why you shouldn’t #savethestrawpedo.

Hey Theo,

Guess what?

Straws haven’t actually been banned you know? They’re literally just behind the bar instead. You can ask for one for you and your mates, it will probably only take a second or two longer.

Then again, why are you encouraging students you may be representing to partake in irresponsible alcohol-related activities? Downing bottles of alcohol one after the other isn’t something I’d recommend to anyone, really. But I suppose, to each his own (bottle of WKD and straw)…

Also why put the effort into a campaign that really doesn’t matter that much? I’d rather see a President encouraging students to get involved in campaigns and positive action, a much better use of their time. Will you make EUSA and other sabbs release statement of solidarity with the strawpedoers and then remove the solidarity with Palestine statement? Priorities?

I am genuinely intrigued as to why you are pursuing this policy so hard. What actual good do you think it will do for students? Or is it just a joke? I am open for explanation, because if anything, I find this policy pretty alienating! It’s very clear from the results of EUSA’s survey into sexual assault in clubs around Edinburgh that not every student loves going to Big Cheese…

Lots of love. xox


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One Response to Why you shouldn’t #savethestrawpedo.

  1. anniebritton says:

    Because they think it will win them votes. It’s a fucking sad state of affairs.

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