This is a joke.

I am dealing with people spamming this blog saying I am evil and sexist and lying and wrong and racist, and a presidential candidate is getting harassed with false accusations of racism, and another presidential candidate is going to Big Cheese promoting the hashtag #saveourstraws.

What the fuck is this? This is actual farce.

Theo – I would absolutely love for you to talk more about your other policies. I understand its only a few days into elections, but I’m finding it really difficult to deal with this pretty much meaningless hashtag when there’s stuff on your manifesto about liberation and other candidates are getting harassed and you’re not talking about them!

I get that candidates like making light-hearted policies that will grab attention and get students on board, but please also talk about the serious stuff! There are people out there who want to hear it, as well as or maybe instead of these catch phrases.


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7 Responses to This is a joke.

  1. Love Liberation says:

    Are you just going to keep attacking a disabled LGBT candidate? Your behaviour is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your liberation politics are abhorrent.

  2. medeusa says:

    Wtf. Im literally asking him to explain his policies.

  3. Love Liberation says:

    I just think it’s really gross that you continue to attack someone who is not only extremely oppressed but also has loads of policies to stand up to the oppression of all liberation groups on campus and expand welfare like no other candidate is offering. So what if he wants to have a bit of fun on the campaign trail and get involved in another campaign that a large number of students are behind? He’s allowed to have a diverse range of policies. There are a diverse range of students on campus after all. The fact that you repeatedly remind people that Faatima is a woman of coulour and you haven’t so much as mentioned that Theo is a disabled gay man shows that you couldn’t care less about liberation unless it plays into your hands politically. All you’re doing is adding to the oppression and stigma that disabled and gay students already face and its shameful.

  4. medeusa says:

    Hey I am also disabled and queer. I remind people faatima is a way because people are calling her racist. I respect theo and his oppression, have acknowledged he has other policies, but am especially frustrated by this one. I would hardly call it attacking and you’re making some serious false accusations there. I wonder if you even know me as a person. If you did you’d know I was disabled and queer.

  5. Love Liberation says:

    I don’t know anything about you and I didn’t infer anything about you other than what you have written in your blog posts. Those posts have very clearly painted theo as some privileged White man who has never suffered any sort of oppression when you would definitely know that he is LGBT, if not know that he was disabled, given how open he is about it. This is highly disingenuous and, given that you yourself are disabled and queer, you should know better than to attempt to portray him as a privileged individual. I still stand by the fact that you have very clearly and deliberately tried to paint an oppressed man as a privileged one to benefit the candidate you support. If you do care about liberation and welfare as you say you do then you should have the decency to apologise.

  6. medeusa says:

    I’ll ask theo if he feels that way and if he does then I’ll apologise. I wasn’t trying to paint him as privileged and I know both of those things. I didn’t say he’s not oppressed, I don’t know where you inferred that. If you want a conversation stop being anonymous. Im not.

  7. I love Theo as much as the next person and will vote for him, but he really should speak out against all the ‘reverse racism’ bullshit instead of going full steam ahead with an irresponsible drinking campaign (aka strawpedo). It’s never been suggestion that Theo doesn’t face any oppression because he’s disabled or because he’s gay. 95% of the posts about him jibes are related to alcohol, which if you know Theo is really understandable and is not related to liberation at all. He’s also the front runner, jibes come with the territory. But he as well as two other presidential candidates are also white men and with that comes privilege. As he is the only other candidate who defines in any of the other liberation groups, as far as I’m aware, I’d like to see him talk more about his liberation policies like the safe space on a night out.

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