OmGdZ! Verting is erpern!

OMG! Voting has opened, and is open until 12 noon on the 19th March.

Here are a few tips from the old-seasoned hack that I am:

  • Remember, RON can be a dick but he is also your friend. Use him when you need him.
  • RON anyone who think has offensive or bad policies. You are allowed to not vote for people or actively RON the heck out of them. Trust me, it is a lovely feeling.
  • You don’t have to vote for the least worst person: if you think they are bad but not as bad as the rest, you still don’t have to vote for them. Voting for no-one is fine. After all, you don’t want someone you think is bad representing you.

Anger is a legitimate feeling and passive aggression by way of RON-ing someone is a legitimate form of expression. I have personally had plenty experience of feeling guilty for not voting for someone, but then realizing if I don’t wan to support them at all, it’s the right thing to do. It is important to vote if you want to and feel you have confidence in the people you’re voting for, but if you don’t, you are not obligated to vote at all.

You can vote by logging into MyEd and there is a link on the right hand side! Remember, you have until Thursday at 12 noon!

Good luck to the candidates I like and see you on Thursday, punks, to all the rest of you.


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glaring at Edinburgh student politics
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