A wild EUSA blog appears! We understand you may have some questions, so let’s answer them! (Note that due to our amazing powers of telepathy, we know what your questions are.)

Who the blooming heck are youse anyway?

Different now. Someone else has taken over. Guess who? Clue: still a hack.

Ah, you sound like pretty cool I guess. Why in the name of all that is holy are you writing this blog?

Because I want to and I need some kind of outlet Godammit!!

Blogs have been founded for lesser reasons I guess. Aren’t you guys part of that anarcho-communist plot to take over EUSA?

Frankly, yes.

Hmm, okay I guess. Finally – why, why, why are you called medeusa?

Because I’ll be throwing looks (and words) that kill.

Love from,

Who? x


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