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A Bit Of “How’s Your Trafalgar?”

It’s 5:30pm, and I am sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square, smoking a cigarette and taking off my somewhat oversized boots for the first time in hours. Opposite me are 100 hundred? 200 hundred? people around Nelson’s Column doing … Continue reading

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Glorious Comrade Missing in Action!

REWARD: Warm Fuzzy feeling inside Fellow Eusafishes blogger Adam “Hot Zod” Eagleson is yet to return from the dark sprawl of the capital wasteland. It is likely that he is now rotting away in a London police station reluctantly developing … Continue reading

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Eusafishes Appeal – A Very Special Message

Dear friends, we have a very important subject to discuss today. This is something we at Eusafishes feel deeply passionate about, which is why we’re proud to launch our new campaign – Hacks in Need. This is Aaron. He never … Continue reading

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Eusafishes Is On Strike

In solidarity with our lecturers, we are officially on strike! Any blogging done beyond this point is the work of scabs. Adam

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Ain’t Nuthin But A G(M) Thang

So, this semester’s general meeting is over and done with,  but what have we learned? Let’s get all reflective and make a list of things we found out last night, shall we? 1 – Students do not want Israeli goods … Continue reading

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Oh hey guys

Oh look, a blog about EUSA! We understand you may have some questions, so let’s answer them! (Note that due to our amazing powers of telepathy, we know what your questions are.) Who the blooming heck are you? We are … Continue reading

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