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Our most righteous cause: Day 196 in occupation

“Everything smells of us” croaked Adam, the impoverished Co-President for Eternity of Eusafishes. It has been seven months since the occupation of our flat began. At first things were easy; with our seemingly endless supply of rolled oats and (occasional) … Continue reading

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A Bit Of “How’s Your Trafalgar?”

It’s 5:30pm, and I am sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square, smoking a cigarette and taking off my somewhat oversized boots for the first time in hours. Opposite me are 100 hundred? 200 hundred? people around Nelson’s Column doing … Continue reading

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Top Ten Chant Chart (And Some Photos)

Yesterday’s Reclaim Your Voice Demo was just full of exciting things, and as with any demonstration, one of these things was shouting loudly in public and not being told off for it. Here to tell us which chants are hot … Continue reading

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