Comments Policy

Look, we understand. Anonymity plus an audience means trolling. We’ve both done it ourselves, to our eternal shame (we committed ourselves to internet purgatory in penance (6 months of trying to have a reasonable discussion via Youtube comments)).

We genuinely like it when people comment. Sometimes they make us laugh. Sometimes they point out things we don’t know. Sometimes its just nice to know people like what we do. Debate between people is great, hopefully there will be more on here. But, as precious as it may sound, if a comment is shown here its our responsibility, which is why we don’t particularly want to see people being abused through them.

So, we have some rules. There’s not many, and they are dead easy to follow:

  1. Don’t be a dick
  2. Seriouslydon’t be a dick.

Easy eh? We’re going to have a fairly light touch approach to things. Banning people tends to cause more problems than its worth, and we’re going to avoid it.

Unless of course your comment is racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory in some other way. In which case we will ban you into next damn week. But we trust you, and hopefully this will never be an issue.

Note the key phrase above – we are trusting you and generally appealing to your better natures here. Post funny, insightful, articulate comments, and we’ll pretty much fucking love you guys.

Medeusa xoxo


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